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Goa Government Plans Private Medical College with Free Treatment and Goan Student Quotas



The Chief Minister has announced plans for a new private medical college in North Goa, designed to emulate the standards of the government-operated Goa Medical College. The college aims to offer free treatment to patients and will prioritize admission for Goan students.

Speaking at a press conference following a cabinet meeting, Sawant outlined the structure of the proposed college. It will be overseen by a trust led by the Chief Minister and opposition leader, with assembly members from various political parties also serving as trustees.

Initially, the college will be established within the premises of the existing South Goa District Hospital, with its model finalized by NITI Ayog. While the government will maintain administrative control, the college will be operated by a private entity. Land near SGDH will be allocated for its construction.

Sawant clarified that the government will not invest directly in the project. Instead, a private operator will be selected through a bidding process.

Emphasizing the benefits for Goan students, Sawant reiterated the commitment to providing free treatment, similar to services offered at Goa Medical College. This initiative aims to alleviate the healthcare burden on residents of South Goa.

Assuring the public that there will be no financial burden for treatment, Sawant expressed hopes to commence operations by June following the completion of necessary formalities.