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Ferreira slams education dept for forcing students to attend 2-hour talk by CM



Panaji: Aldona MLA Adv Carlos Alvares Ferreira has criticised the Education Department for “forcing students” to compulsorily attend a two-hour talk during school hours.

“We are witnessing the legacy of Nazi Germany that is continuing in India, and now in Goa. It appears that the Central as well the State government are glorifying Hitler. During his dictatorship, Hitler used to broadcast a radio talk. He would send a warden to every house to inspect if the inmates had switched on the radio for the talk, or else a fine would be levied,” he said.

“The Director of Education has issued instructions to all schools to ensure that all students compulsorily attend a two-hour talk from the chief minister. The director has also stated that Swayampurna Mitras will be visiting the schools to ensure compliance, and strict action will be initiated for not following the directives. This is akin to Hitler’s rule,” he pointed out.

Ferreira said that students cannot be made to waste time, and that they should be allowed to study instead.

“I don’t know how the talk will benefit the students. I have no objection if the talk is on education. But if it is a general discussion on the subject, it will not help the students. Are they trying to brainwash the people? With the New Education Policy (NEP) being enforced, students as well as teachers, parents and institutions are apprehensive. Don’t hold monologues, instead, debate on such issues, hold dialogues. This will benefit everyone and we can raise the standard of education,” he questioned.

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