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Curtains come down on SCI-FFI-2022



Panaji: The Seventh edition of Science Film Festival of India – 2022 came to an end on Thursday. There were over 5000 participants at the three-day festival.

Dr. Suhas Pednekar, Vice Chancellor, Mumbai University, spoke at the valedictory ceremony and praised the organizers’ efforts to spread science through films and exhibitions.

Also present were Dr. Tariq Thomas, CEO of Entertainment Society of Goa, Dr. T. P. Das, Group Director, ISRO, Jayant Sahasrabuddhe, National Organising Secretary, Vijnana Bharati, Dr. Harilal Menon, Vice Chancellor, Goa University and Suhas Godse, President, Vidnyan Parishad, Goa.

While addressing the gathering Suhas Pednekar said, “E=F” that is Education=Future, is the most powerful equation of the twenty-first century. The amount of contribution made in Science and Technology determines a country’s progress and development. That is the significance of promoting Science in a thoughtful manner. Vidnyan Parishad is doing an excellent job and has been working hard to promote science through SCI-FFI”.

Adding he said, “Science is the study of facts. At the same time, science is also about discovering the world around us, of knowing things, and having new and wonderful idea. Active, hands-on learning is essential for fostering scientific learning in early childhood, and this is best accomplished through activities outside of the classroom. SCI-FFI has evolved into a platform where students are exposed to new scientific learnings and developments”.

Dr. Tariq Thomas said, “Movies provide context-based learning. Movies have the power to expand one’s knowledge. Every year, the SCI-FFI is expanding beyond a simple science film festival by including a plethora of other science related activities. The ultimate goal of such kind of festival is to inspire children to dream, and SCI-FFI is making that possible from the last several years”.

Ashish Thakur Desai, organising secretary of Vidnyan Parishad, presented a detailed report on this year’s edition of SCI-FFI 2022 at the valedictory function.
Over 5000 delegates attended the three-day festival, which featured film screenings, workshops, and exhibitions. 

The top three Science Short Films

As part of the Science Short Film competition, Vidnyan Parishad received ten Science Short Films. The following are the top three Science Short Films:
A) The forgotten king of Goa’s jungle by Shubham Gawas and team
B) Mining in Goa – Boon or bane by Bhoomi Jain
C) Let Goa breathe  by Swati Mishra and team.

‘Codeavour 2021 international’ – state level winners

6th grade winners

1) Savita Ghadi
2) Aditya Kalekar – 1St runner up
3) Sanvi Raikar – 2 nd runner up

7th grade winners

1) Nidhi Gaonkar
2) Aryan Naik – 1St runner up
3) Sreyash Dessai – 2nd runner up

8th grade winners

1) Vignesh Shetye
2) Noel Valadares – 1 st runner up
3) Rabiya Pathani – 2nd runner up

People’s choice award – Trusha Naik
Appreciable Performance – Amish Sherlekar
Best teacher coordinator – Sania Syed