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C. Krishniah Chetty Group Of Jewellers brings together exceptional craftsmanship and designs to Goa

Exclusive Jewellery exhibition from 20th May to 23rd May 2022 at Hotel Fidalgo, Panjim and on the 25th and 26th May at Hotel Nanutel, Margoa from 10:30 am to 8:00 pm.



Panjim, May 20: C. Krishniah Chetty Group Of Jewellers brings to you a six day exclusive jewellery exhibition showcasing their most alluring jewellery, specially curated for their loyal clients in Goa starting from 20th May to 23rd May 2022 at Hotel Fidalgo, Panjim and on the 25th and 26th May at Hotel Nanutel, Margoa from 10:30 am to 8 pm. It is open to public with an exceptional jewellery display with a distinctive range of collection of traditional and contemporary creations.The exhibition was inaugurated at the hands of Mr. Rohit Monserrate, Mayor of the Corporation of the City of Panaji and Commissioner, Corporation of the City of Panaji, Mr. Agnelo A.J. Fernandes.The collection brings upon a sense of elegance and feminity to your classic style with edgy designs with rare gems like turquoise, citrine, pearls, amethyst, rubies along with fine diamonds. The collection is designed to draw attention to personality and to transform into striking put-together outfits with flamboyant chic jewellery.Mr Chaitanya V Cotha, Executive Director, C Krishniah Chetty Group of jewellers said “Shopping aficionados during the Goa show are in for many amazing savings. Krishniah Chetty’s magical signature number is Eighteen Sixty Nine- so it’s all around this magic for our clients – from discounts, triple loyalty reward points, to getting value of gold for diamond purchases, additional benefits on our signature Rate Protection Plans and many more. In short, a no better time to get more than you shop for, without compromise on quality or ethics in business which Krishniah Chetty is reputed for”.The exhibition offers an exclusive sale with an added benefit on Gold, Diamond & Silver starting @ Rs. 1869. The Gold rate will be calculated at Rs 1869/- per gm, Diamond at Rs. 1869/- per ct and silver at Rs. 18.69/ per gm. Terms and Conditions Apply. C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers also brings together imagination and creativity to give life to unique pieces with a vibrant touch of personality and amazement – The Salon Collection.A private setting for collector piece, featuring modern masterpieces to feast your eyes on and take away as yours forever. For the jewellery connoisseurs who appreciate good art in form of jewellery or the form of objects, these jewels sparkle with craftsmanship and luxury. Recently, they have also introduced wonderful display of – A WHIFF OF THE EXOTIC and India’s only premium, luxury Eau de Parfum – Rare Scents!The Indian perfume market has a new, distinguished brand entering its diverse portfolio. Rare Scents is India’s only premium, luxury perfume brand, a niche that C. Krishniah Chetty has filled – the 150-year old heritage luxury jeweller from Bengaluru. Infused with real 24-Karat gold, Rare Scents is available in 5 exquisite variants – Adamas, Aurum, Beryl, Corundum and Platinum at more details about the jewellery collections and the exhibition contact: Mr Gopal: +91 97400 18421/ Mr Prakasha: +91 98803 00277.

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