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ANC Conducts Successful Raids in Goa, Arrests Two Drug Peddlers and Seizes Drugs Worth Rs. 7 Lakh



In a significant crackdown on narcotics trafficking, the Anti-Narcotic Cell (ANC) of Goa Police conducted two raids in Assagao and Honda, resulting in the arrest of two individuals and the seizure of drugs worth Rs. 7 lakh. Both cases have led to the registration of FIRs under the NDPS Act.

Details of the Raids:

First Raid:

  • Location: Vale Waddo, Assagao
  • Arrested: Dinesh alias Melvin Dandekar
  • Seized:
  • 600 grams of charas
  • 2 kgs of ganja
  • Total value: Rs. 5 lakh
  • Additional items: A pistol magazine with 7 live 9mm rounds
  • Additional Charge: Dinesh is also being charged under the Arms Act for possession of ammunition by Anjuna Police.
  • Background:
  • Dinesh, previously arrested by ANC in 2016 for narcotics trade, was recently released from judicial custody.
  • His arrest was the result of extensive surveillance and intelligence gathering by the ANC.

The raid was led by PSI Dindayal Redkar, with team members HC Pramod Kalangutkar, PCs Sachin Atoskar, Sandesh Volvoikar, Sadanand Malik, and Yogesh Madgaonkar.

Second Raid:

  • Location: Honda, Sattari
  • Arrested: Nihal Patil
  • Seized:
  • 2 kgs of ganja
  • Total value: Rs. 2 lakh
  • Operation:
  • The ANC maintained continuous surveillance in the area, leading to a week-long operation that culminated in the arrest of Nihal Patil, identified as a major supplier of ganja in the region.

The raid was led by PSI Manjunath Naik, with assistance from PCs Akshay Naik, Rahul Gawas, Amit Salunke, and PCD Kundan Patekar.

Ongoing Efforts:

Both raids were conducted within a span of a few hours, underscoring the ANC’s commitment to a zero-tolerance policy towards narcotics. The operations were executed under the supervision of PI ANC Sajith Pillai, with strategic guidance from DySP ANC Shri Nerlon Albuquerque and SP ANC Shri Akshat Kaushal, IPS.

The ANC continues to intensify its efforts to combat the narcotics trade in Goa, determined to apprehend and prosecute those involved in drug trafficking.

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