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Panaji – It is a welcome step on part of the Commission for Persons with Disabilities to undertake Access Audit of 1400 Government and Aided Schools and Colleges in Goa and make the Kadamba Buses accessible to Persons with Disabilities. This is just a beginning, long way to go, stated Leader of Opposition Yuri Alemao.

I had written a Letter to the Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant on 9th January 2023 urging him to create “Care Centre” for Persons with Autism. I had also demanded to provide Reservations for Persons with Autism in Government Jobs and make all Public Places in Goa accessible to Persons with Disabilities, stated Yuri Alemao.

Just conducting Access Audit of Schools and Colleges is not enough. Few days back I had highlighted poor condition of various Schools and Government Structures in Goa which need immediate Safety and Structural Audits. Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant must take steps to direct the Competent Authorities to conduct such Audits and undertake repair and renovation works immediately, demanded Yuri Alemao.

I urge the Government to take immediate steps to build a Livelihood and Care Centre equipped with Trained and Qualified Care Takers as well as other Resources for Persons with Disabilities including Children and Adults with Autism. This will go a long way to help the Persons with Disabilities and Autistic Children and Adults to spend peaceful life after the demise of their Parents and Care Takers, claimed Yuri Alemao.

Goa has second highest Literacy Rate among Persons with Disabilities. I had also appealed to the Chief Minister in my Letter to provide Reservations for Persons with Autism in Government Jobs. I once again urge him to take steps in this direction as there are various Youths who have completed Graduation and Skill Development Courses. They need to be given Employment Opportunities on top most priority as part of their Empowerment, said Yuri Alemao.

I also urge that necessary Provisions should be made in the Town and Country Planning Act as well as Law to ensure that every new construction is made accessible to Persons with Disabilities. Government must make Special Budgetary Provisions to make all Public Places and Buildings accessible in a time bound manner, stated Yuri Alemao.

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