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AAP Goa demands resignation of Pramod Sawant as HM; calls for a dedicated HM to be appointed



Panaji: The Aam Aadmi Party on Friday criticized CM Pramod Sawant over the increase in criminal activity in the state and called for his resignation as Home Minister.

AAP Goa unit President Adv Amit Palekar stated that as CM Sawant has been handling numerous other portfolios, which is why CM has not been able to control law and order situation.

“Therefore, CM Sawant must step down from the position of home minister and a dedicated home minister should be appointed for the state’s benefit”, Palekar demanded.

Palekar said, “The increased crime rate has been affecting the tourism industry in the state. Since the mining industry closed in the state, only tourism has provided a stable source of revenue. However, if law and order are not controlled, the situation will worsen, which will adversely affect the tourism industry”.

Palekar blamed political interference from BJP Ministers and MLAs for the Goa Police’s inability to resolve the crime.

According to AAP Vice President Valmiki Naik the law and order situation in the state has reached a crisis level.

Naik said, “There have been cases in the state where victims were connected to the BJP party as leaders or karyakartas and the BJP was not able to deliver justice to their own people. What kind of justice can common people expect from the BJP?”.

Naik stated that the Goa Police have been unable to register FIRs nowadays owing to political interference.

Naik said, “In some cases, the Goa Police has registered the cases only as a result of media pressure, or as a result of family pressure. Be it the murder case of Sonali Phogat or the accident on the Mandovi Bridge. Despite the major allegations made by the parents of the victim, neither the driver nor occupants of the car have been taken into custody in the Mandovi Bridge accident case”.